Training for Trainers


Congratulations to all our new ‘graduates’ of Compass Disability Services’ Training for Trainers course, which concluded in April 2013.

This course was specifically for disabled people interested in delivering training in the future.  The course was designed to enhance the skills and confidence of learners in providing training, so that we can design and deliver training that is based on a profound understanding of disability equality, the social model of disability and its application to real life.  The course also focussed on improving communication and presentation skills as well as learning about question-handling and stimulating or managing group discussions.

13 people completed the course which was comprised of 6 day sessions and a residential of two days and nights.  Overall, the course went very well and we are looking forward to developing some training opportunities for our new ‘trainers’ to go out and deliver professional training on behalf of Compass Disability Services.

If you are interested in finding out more about our training services please contact Mandy Seaman at Compass Disability Services, telephone 01823 282823